How do I assess risk in multiple categories?

Let's say you want to assess risk these categories: "Quality", "Availability", "Suitability"; how can you do that with Risk Register?


You can only add one risk assessment to a Jira issue. To represent assessments in different categories, create a new custom field (of type Select List) that has values like "Quality", "Availability", "Suitability". You might call that custom field "Risk Category" or something similar.

When you create your risks, assign one of the risk categories to them. You can link those risks to each other, or link them all to another issue that represents a task or project or product or whatever. That means creating three risk issues where you might like to have just one, but hey, electrons are cheap.

It actually makes sense to do this. The risks that you create in Risk Register don't represent possible future events, they represent possible future effects of uncertainty on objectives (per ISO 31000, and other such standards). Each risk, in a particular category, might be realised independently of the others. It might have its own discussion thread, its own workflow, or assignee.

(in Jira Server) You can create different risk matrices for each category. Create issue filters for each category, and then add risk matrix gadgets to your Jira dashboard that are based on those filters.