How do I export the risk matrix to PDF?

It can be useful to save a copy of your risk matrix as a PDF document, to include in software release documentation perhaps. This article explains how to do that.

This article pertains to the version of Risk Register that works with Jira Server, not Jira Cloud.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Visit the project that is acting as a risk register.
  2. In the project sidebar, click Reports.
  3. Click on the report labelled Risk Matrix.
  4. Select suitable report settings. Click Next.
  5. Use your browser's print utility. The image below shows Google Chrome's print utility, which is invoked by selecting FilePrint (or <CTRL-P> on Windows, <CMD-P> on Mac OS). All modern browsers have a similar print utility, differing only in the specific appearance of the print dialogs and key sequences.
  6. Instead of printing to a printer, select Save as PDF.

  7. Click Save.

    You'll be asked for the name of the PDF file, which will be saved to your computer's hard disk.

The PDF file produced this way can be easily incorporated in other documentation.

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