How do I repair unhealthy risk models?

Risk Register for DC/Server enables you to run a “health check” against your risk models (instructions for doing that can be found here). This health check determines if the custom fields used by Risk Register are in sync with the risk model you have defined. Each of the relevant custom fields (such as “Impact”) should have one field configuration for each risk model that you have defined. If this is not the case, Risk Register will not work properly and the model will fail the health check.

When there is a problem the application shows an orange band-aid next to the unhealthy model:

When this happens, it is usually because someone has made changes to your custom fields manually.

If you click on the unhealthy model, you will see a screen that resembles this one:

The solution is to repair your custom field configurations. System Administrators can make changes to those custom field configurations, but Jira Administrators don’t have the required privilege level.

The system provides a button called “Edit custom field” that takes you to the Jira custom field screen. More information about custom field configuration is available on this page.