Product Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

ProjectBalm aims to respond within 24 hours to new support requests and provide an update at least every 72 hours for existing support requests, although we will often respond much faster. We pride ourselves on the level of service we give our clients, and make every effort to respond in accordance with our SLA. However, some delays remain outside of our control.

Our Product Support SLA covers ProjectBalm apps exclusively and does not cover support of Atlassian software or any third party software. We require customers to have a valid SEN (Support Entitlement Number) in order to receive support.

Standard Product Support Includes:

  • Help regarding purchased ProjectBalm apps with a valid commercial license

  • Help regarding ProjectBalm apps under evaluation

  • Help with issues during installation of ProjectBalm apps

  • Help with issues during ProjectBalm app upgrades

  • Help troubleshooting problems with ProjectBalm apps

  • Help identifying workarounds related to ProjectBalm apps

Standard Product Support Does Not Include:

  • Training for ProjectBalm apps and products

  • Support for illegally installed ProjectBalm apps

  • Support related to non-ProjectBalm apps

  • Support related to ProjectBalm apps that have been retired

  • Support for Jira or other Atlassian application issues

  • Support for ProjectBalm apps in unsupported versions of Atlassian applications

  • Support for ProjectBalm apps in the environment no longer supported by Atlassian

How to Log a Support Request

Support requests are logged via our Support Portal.

In order to help us to investigate a reported problem and provide the solution as soon as possible, please provide as much relevant information as possible, such as:

  • App name and version you are using

  • Version of Jira you are using

  • All information regarding the issue including log files, screenshots, etc.

  • Web browser used and its version number