Creating and Managing Risk Registers

A risk register is a collection of risks. The system supports single-project risk registers and multi-project risk registers. If the Risk management option on the Settings page is enabled (see Administering the Application), a single project risk register is created for every project in your instance. To access this risk register, see Viewing Risk Registers and Matrices. To create a multi-project risk register, you must follow the steps described in Create a risk register, below.

Viewing risk registers

On the Jira Software menu, click Risk registers. The Risk registers list page appears, containing the following features:

Create risk register

Selecting this button allows you to create a multi-project risk register (see Create risk register, below).

Find a risk register

Typing a full or partial name into this text box filters the risk register list (see below).

Risk register list

This shows a list of all the risk registers in your instance, including the name of the risk register, who administers it, and what projects are covered by it. Both single-project risk registers and multi-project risk registers are displayed. Clicking on the Risk register name opens that risk register (see Viewing Risk Registers and Matrices). Clicking on the name of the admin opens that person's profile page. If you are the admin for a risk register, a delete icon also appears.

Clicking on the settings icon opens the Risk register settings page (see below).

Risk register settings

This page enables you to configure a specific risk register. The following options are displayed for single-project risk registers:

Default settings

When this checkbox is set to "Override", you can configure the options below. When it is disabled, the risk register inherits the settings from the global Settings page (see Administering the Application).

Risk management

When this checkbox is enabled, you are able to add risk assessments to any issue in the project.

Risk creation

This option determines how the "Add a risk" button behaves on the risk register page for the project (see Viewing Project Risks). If you select the Risk radio button, you can nominate one of your issue types to be the default type for risks. This means that whenever you click "Add a risk", an issue of that type is created.

The following options are displayed for multi-project risk registers:

Register name

The name of the risk register.


The name of the current administrator(s). Click Change to add or remove administrators.


A list of the projects associated with this risk register. Click Change to add or remove projects.


Create a risk register

The screen enables you to create a multi-project risk register. The following options are available:

Register name

This is the name of the risk register you are creating.



Type in the name or code of the projects that are associated with this register.